Studio Raphael Coutin

Daalakkersweg 6

5641JA Eindhoven

The Netherlands


NL +31 619 438 530

FR +33 621 578 500



About Raphael Coutin

Designer - researcher for social urban innovation.


From the age of 16, Raphael Coutin left home in search of Northern skies, metropolitan density and debris, cul-de-sacs, overspill, and places where solutions are abundant, even when problems are not.


First finding his footing in the urban environment of Paris, he applied himself to the study of materials used in building, modelling and sculpting. Through a succession of intermediate steps (passage through Belgium) he landed in the South of the Netherlands, in Eindhoven. There he learnt to see the bigger picture, covering the theory and research of social design, all for the benefit of making things work. In short, what the Dutch are proud of: making things better.

And so the city became his oyster. His own backyard (the 12 arrondissement) had provided him with a good sense of all these unlikely riches. Places and spaces seemingly lost, consigned to an existence without purpose.


In the continuum of dereliction, destruction and (re)building Raphael sees a design intervention as the new way forward. It is a reassembling of elements present, a readdressing of previous design solutions and a repurposing. Raphael Coutin approaches the chaos with a sense of wonder and subdues the alienated elements by imposing a new system. He is the only one who can get them to behave again.


Raphael Coutin is part of the Fictional Collective